DUI Laws

Requirements for South Carolina DUI Checkpoints You Need to Know

You have likely at least heard of DUI checkpoints, and maybe even experienced one. If you do come across one, …

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What You Need to Know About Field Sobriety Tests in South Carolina

Field sobriety tests are administered by law enforcement officers to help them determine just how intoxicated a driver is. They …

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Has Your License Been Suspended in South Carolina Due to a DUI?

One of the hardest consequences of a DUI is having your driver’s license suspended. And when it comes to having …

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What Is the Ignition Interlock Program in South Carolina?

As a DUI law firm, we are often asked questions regarding how the South Carolina Ignition Interlock Device Program works. …

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We All Process Alcohol at the Same Rate, So Why Are BACs Different?

We all know that too many drinks can be a problem, but did you know that we all also process …

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Can I Get My DUI Record Expunged?

You’ve been convicted of a DUI and you’d love to have it off of your record. You’ve heard that some …

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Underage Drinking and South Carolina Laws

More than half of teens in the United States have consumed alcohol. Underage drinking is more common than smoking cigarettes …

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What Happens After Being Arrested for DUI Charges?

Whether you went out with friends and had a few too many during happy hour or you partied too hard …

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Defenses to Driving Under the Influence Charges

Getting convicted of a DUI can have long-lasting effects. You will likely lose your driver’s license, may have to install an …

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5 Drunk Driving Myths Busted

We’ve all heard the stories about people gaming the system to get out of DUIs, and maybe you’ve even heard …

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